Notification of Trade Dispute

  • Notification of Trade Dispute

    Notification of Trade Dispute

    The Executive Committee today registered a Trade Dispute against the Commissioner of Police since its request to permit officers, performing beach patrol, to wear the Police baseball cap instead of the normal headwear and slippers has been met with deviating replies without resolving the issue.


    Officers performing this type of patrol spend an average of 8 hours on the beach and promenade, without at least being given the possibility to be comfortable and safe, wearing police issued items, as other sections do.


    The wellbeing of the members of The Malta Police Force is the top priority of the Malta Police Association.


    To this effect, the Malta Police Association, from 6am on Saturday 5th June 2021, is directing all members of the Force (whether members of the Union or not), who are specifically detailed (only) to either perform beach patrol, or patrol beaches, promenades and other areas having the same scope, are to wear the Police baseball cap and black trainers.



    Executive Committee

    Malta Police Association

    4th June 2021.


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